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Monday, 10 September 2012

Going on retreat ..

Hello friends.

On this beautiful sunny Melbourne day I am calling for your help.
For all you regular followers, friends, or those just passing by .. I would like to ask .. have you had a great retreat experience?
I am ALWAYS being asked about Retreats, Ashrams, Spa's where people can go to just 'be' .. especially silent retreat settings or communities where you can participate in daily rituals, help out, do some yoga, meditate, write, walk .. away from normal life routines and responsibilities.
I would really like to build a list .. maybe even get there myself and write a little about the experience so that you can have an insight, and we can share the journey ..
Starting first with Victorian based retreats (that's Victoria, Australia) then moving further afield to other parts of this big wide land .. and yes, overseas too.
Have you been to a retreat, ashram or abbey?
Have you heard about one but never had a chance to get there?
Please share we would love to hear
*the above picture is from New Mellery Abbey a Trappist monastery founded in 1849 and located in Iowa, USA

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