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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mindfulness = Joyful moments

For our Tuesday morning class this week the theme was "in mindfulness .. the extraordinary will be found in the ordinary".

Ever wondered why some days we find time is just swallowed up with unfinished tasks, never-ending demands and repetition/routine .. and then other days .. time is spacious, languid and bright, where we find an abundance of time and unexpected joys?

The secret?  where we have placed our mind.

So were you mindful today?

When we are mindful we uncover (or bear witness) to the many extraordinary moments hidden within the humdrum of 'normal' life .. if we are truly focussed on the unfolding nature and texture of our day, we find that time opens up and we 'see' and experience the many small gifts provided by moments. 

I call these .. joy bubbles

That unexpected smile .. hearing a beautiful song .. witnessing an act of nature that seems out-of-this-world .. finding a real connection with a new friend .. the fleeting touch of someone you love ..

When we are living life truly in the present moment then we are open to experiencing these moments of magic .. and this in turn changes the whole flavour of our day.

Joy bubbles .. an energy that is light, soft and transforming.

When we catch a joyful moment and remember to be grateful for its arrival then we also have an opportunity to witness and 'count our blessings' .. and this again reinforces how much in life there truly is to be grateful for.

Today I had just such a moment and decided to take a picture of it.  You might like to also record some of these profound moments .. writing then down in your diary perhaps .. instilling a sacredness to the everyday. 

here is mine from this morning ...

"I am waiting for my mum ... sitting in the car with the window down .. spring sunshine, magnolia flowers, birds singing loudly .. a moment in time to just pause and breathe it all in" Sarah, Wednesady 29th August 2012

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