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Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 1 : 21-Day Meditation Challenge

Today I received the first email and meditation from the Chopra Centre as part of my attendance (online) in the current 21-Day Meditation Challenge. 

Always a joy.  Such a priviledge to have these resources available across the globe, in fact I read somewhere this week that an estimated 1 million people are expected to join in this challenge! For me tonight .. dinner finished, house quiet .. time to meditate.  And so beautiful to hear Deepak's voice again, and the polished production and content is always exceptional.

"One day of meditation is beneficial .. meditating every day through life is miraculous"

The theme of this Challenge is LOVE .. and tonights meditation was the inspiring Hindu mantra SO HUM .. which I have heard described as the breath song

"When said mentally without even whispering it, not moving tongue or lips .. this is indeed the sound of our breathing .. SO HUM"

If you are seeking some nourishment for your meditation practice or perhaps are completely new to the practice of meditation, then this might be the ideal time to jump in.  The quality of information, guidance and support provided by the Chopra Centre is well known, and just having permission to take a moment each day to stop, breath and be still .. is priceless.

I hope to share some of the insights gained over the next few weeks .. but probably not every day .. we shall see. 

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