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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mindfulness to start the day

Bondi Red 6am Monday 7th May 2012 from Acquabumps Surf Photography

Starting the day.  Mindfully.  Having a morning routine certainly helps me in finding my 'flow'.  I have spoken previously about some of my morning rituals here.  Sometimes just watching the sun rising, my daughter breathing still asleep, listening to the birds wake each other up .. all provide a moment of mindfulness before the days activities begin.

Sometimes it is grey outside, too cold to get up, too many jobs awaiting my attention.

This is when a morning mindfulness routine is such a blessing.

And part of my routine (the fun part) is to spend the first few minutes of each morning, prior to starting my 'work', looking at the beautiful images from Aquabumps.  Bondi.  Ahh.  Sydney-siders who have found their perfect morning mindfulness routine to include bare feet in cold sand, the smell of wax and wet wetsuits, salt on the skin, sun on the face .. the blue blue rolling water.  Puts everything into perspective.

Just a few minutes spent resting with images that inspire and calm.

Like this one yesterday.

Appreciating the amazing wonder and beauty of mother nature.

Taking a breath and just observing.

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