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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Football and meditation?

For all you Australian footy fans who find it hard to relax before or after the big weekend game .. take the lead from former Collingwood head coach Mick Malthouse, who spoke on 3AW recently and commented that he used meditation before matches as a crucial part of his preparation for game days.

"For at least the last two years I'd do it morning and night" Malthouse said, noting that meditation provided an outlet for players to relax and channel their thoughts before game time. "Collingwood developed a meditation strategy under David Butterfield to lower the heart rate...It was fundamental to how we'd play in the first quarter," he added.

"You can get into a very deep meditation. You come out of it 30 minutes later completely relaxed and not tired .. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore for anyone looking to get rid of life pressures," he concluded.

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