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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Contemplative Sciences

Program & Research Council member Matthieu Ricard

The first ever International Symposia for Contemplative Studies, coordinated and cosponsored by the Mind & Life Institute, was held recently in Denver (April 26-29, 2012).

This is a ground breaking conference which attracted more than 700 neuroscientists, educators, and contemplative scholars from around the world.  Their mission : to share cutting-edge research on the nature and workings of the human mind, and to explore how a scientific understanding of the mind can address a wide range of issues, including health, education, and personal and social wellness.

I eagerly await further articles from the Symposium to be posted online .. but I did read today a really interesting piece "Three Insights about Compassion, Meditation, and the Brain" by Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas from Greater Good, the science of a meaningful life.   

In particular this article provides some insight into three areas where researchers are clearly making some ground-breaking findings:

We can train our brains to be more compassionate

Scientists are starting to measure consciousness

Meditation can make you feel more connected to others

A great read if you are interested in finding out more about current cutting-edge research in the field .. and I hope to post more in due course.

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