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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Chakra Meditation

We are currently reviewing Chakra Meditations in our Monday Meditation Musing (this is our free e-note .. each Monday delivered to your inbox and the best way to start your week).

Ancient Indian Yogic literature introduces us to the special energy centers in the body called chakras. In Sanskrit "chakra" translates to 'circle' or 'wheel' and describes the energy network that lies in the body .. the 'storehouse and transmitter' of universal energy. The chakra's are often portrayed as spinning wheels of light energy, and each chakra has an associated color and sound (mantra). The chakra energy network is also found in native American cultures and Hebrew Kabbalism.

Chakras are viewed as the junction points between mind and body, and each chakra represents a particular dimension of human life. When our energy is flowing freely the chakras are said to spin brightly and we feel grounded, confident, powerful and connected. When our chakras become blocked or obstructed we start to feel constricted and obstructed from our essential selves and may experience physical dis-ease.

Regular meditation is one practice that keeps the Chakras balanced and vibrating effectively.

The seven major Chakras are:

Root Chakra : Base of Spine (color Red and mantra 'LAM')
Pelvic Chakra : Deep in the Pelvis (Orange, 'VAM')
Navel Chakra : Solar Plexus (Yellow, 'RAM')
Heart Chakra : Center of Chest (Green, 'YAM')
Throat Chakra : Thyroid (Pale Blue, 'HAM')
Root Third Eye Chakra : Between the Eyes (Purple, 'SHAM')
Crown Chakra : Crown of the Head (Gold or White, 'OM')

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