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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Chopra 21-Day Meditation Challenge

In the August Quiet Mind e-newsletter I wrote about my decision to commit to a new practice/goal/habit every month. And recently I had been reading about Sādhanā - a Sanskrit word that means spiritual exertion towards an intended goal .. a "means of accomplishing something". I can only assume there is something in the 'almost Spring air' because I also had recently also written about the Reiki Principle 'Just For Today' which is also about committing to something (a new practice, belief or habit) 'just for today' .. taking the pressure off having to commit forever. Simply doing it now without planting ourselves too far into the future.

I decided after a very successful personal commitment in July that I really enjoyed .. that for the remainder of this year I would like to explore a new Sādhanā each month (a one month commitment). And then suddenly my Sādhanā for August arrived unexpectedly into my inbox .. an email from the Chopra Center and an invitation to join their 21-day Meditation Challenge. While I practice meditation in some way every day .. I have found that I have become lazy with my morning practice .. something about Melbourne's cold winter mornings or perhaps now working freelance.

Along with a worldwide community of participants I have committed to a renewed daily morning meditation practice. The Chopra Center will provide a daily meditation, support and guidance, some new techniques and tips and shared experiences.

I received my first Chopra Meditation this afternoon (given time differences) and I am going to start tomorrow morning .. first thing .. with the rising of the sun .. a new day full of 'infinite possibilities' ..

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