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Friday, 2 July 2010

Red Light (Spot Meditation)

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The Red Light Spot Meditation:

Recently I woke up to the fact that I was rushing! Rushing late to a class, ignoring the warning signs and blind to the world around me as I drove a little faster to get somewhere. I could feel the rising panic ..

.. that sinking feeling that I had failed, was going to be terribly late, that participants would think badly of me .. and that I would be a tangled mess of tension on arrival!

At some point on the journey however I stopped .. correctly I stopped at a red stop light .. and the thought arose "what is the point of rushing?".

Suddenly it seemed very clear that there was little point in winding myself up about potential lateness, when there was in fact a very real potential to have a car accident, alongside the physical and mental manifestation of the stress .. which I could suddenly feel in my body and mind. How silly to be racing to teach a meditation class .. when I was stressing myself out!

The realisation occured mid Stop Sign .. and took me back to Meditation 101! I purposefully took a couple of slower, deeper breaths and rested my gaze on the bright red light ahead. And when the light changed to green I took another very purposeful inhalation .. and calmly moved forward on my journey.

At each subsequent stop light (and it was rather interesting how I seemed to hit every single light along the way) .. I took the moment provided to .. check in with my body, breath into my shoulders, feel them fall, releasing my body into the seat, allowing the tension to drain away, resting my breath and gaze on just the stop sign ..

I began to really noticed how different my journey now felt. Whether it was the breathing or the change in my intention (to stop rushing) .. I definitely altered the flow of my journey .. and the flow of my mind.

I didn't arrive late to class at all .. in fact, I found a car spot right outside the venue, appreciated the beautiful smells eminating from the local korean restaurant, and calmly flowed into my talk without any residual tension or lack of focus.

Shifting our focus inward when we notice stress, allows us to rest in this deeper stillness that is always within. From this place, time seems to stop and slow .. and when we return to our journey or tasks we do so from this deeper place, with a broader view of ourselves and the world.

This doorway inward is always there for us .. it arises in every moment, we just don't normally notice. Meditation shows us how to notice ..

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