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Friday, 25 June 2010

Take a walk on the beach with me ...

"Be your own guide and your own torch" Buddha
I have long wanted to do some podcasts of guided meditations .. especially spot meditations which are able to be done when you are short on time but perhaps a little desperate for some a moments peace, time to regroup and balance during a busy day .. time to wash off a little stress. The technology has been one of the little hurdles .. but tonight for some reason I decided to just 'do it' .. here is a short 1.20minute mini-break for you ..
Join us down at the beach .. where we are sitting for a while .. soaking up the winter sun and listening to the waves .. the sun sparkling like little jewels in the water .. can you hear the water as it hits the sand and bubbles? .. lets just sit here a moment and listen .. close your eyes and just listen ...
[A series of guided spot meditations will be following shortly .. if this works .. ]

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