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Monday, 15 March 2010

The New Corporate Culture

(picture from The Daily Telegraph article)

I have really enjoyed presenting a couple of corporate meditation sessions in recent months. It is wonderful to be in a position to share my passion for meditation, in an environment I know so well. And it is always inspiring to bring people to a place where they find within themselves a sense of calmness and ease. Whether it was a special employee wellness event, or as part of a more high-brow corporate presentation day, participants have always happily discarded their shoes, closed their eyes and enjoyed the moments of mindful stillness! A welcome break from the cerebral world of business!

Meditation is a life skill! Meditation not only allows us to tap into a well of deep inner calmness .. but also improves our level of concentration and clarity .. which has has a positive impact on our personal life, our working life, our relationships, our health and our community. Check Spelling

Having worked for most of my career in an industry know for its ‘work hard, play hard’ culture .. I know from a personal perspective that I would never have survived the long hours, the ongoing performance and competitive demands, and insidious stress levels had I not had a secret weapon .. my meditation practice.

If I received a dollar for every time I was asked how I maintained my calmness amidst the chaos and noise … well, I would be a wealthy woman!

So wake up Australian business .. wake up to the growing levels of workplace stress, the rising disengagement of staff and increasing absenteeism figures due to stress related illness.

This week a very pertinent and interesting article in the Herald Sun!

The business of meditation :
by Georgina Jerums, The Daily Telegraph, 14 Mar 2010

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