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Thursday, 10 December 2009

The touch of music

Music is such a personal thing .. I have music playing all the time .. different flavours, different genre .. depending on the mood - see previous entries on Music Meditation. My iPod often selects for me, through the shuffle feature; some people claim that this feature calls on some magical force to present music that 'speaks to us' as required.
Recently up pops Dasi: Prayers by Women .. and interestingly I have been playing this album over and over all week. A beautiful album of devotional prayers offered to the female saints of India it invokes a sense of the great power of that which we consider sacred..
Maybe in response to the empty carols that pipe at us this time of year .. maybe the simple beauty of sacred and ancient prayers (even when they may not be our prayers) .. the artist Karnamrita was born in America but raised in Ashrams .. she has a haunting and soulful voice .. mixed with mandolins, violins, sarods, sitars, pianos, harmonium and tablas.
It may be just your thing .. or not .. maybe give it a go ... Listen here

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