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Monday, 7 December 2009

Monday Meditation Musings

New this month (starting today 7th Dec) is our Monday Meditation Musings .. a free e-message designed to inspire, uplift and celebrate moments of peacefulness and mindfulness.

It can take some time to establish a new habit .. to stop and take a moment (or more) for our meditation. Studies show that as much as 45% of what we do every day is habitual; we perform the same actions in the same location at about the same time, every day, without thinking .. because of subtle reminders. We have the power t0 create good new habits by tying certain behavior to triggers. Monday Meditation Musings is designed as a trigger .. to remind us to take a moment and take a breath.

A short quote and suggested meditation practice that you can take into your day and your week .. choosing to make life a little more balanced, a little less stressful, and more 'the life you wish to live'.

Sign me up : Monday Meditation Musings

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