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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas wishes ..

And so it is almost Christmas (or your festive occassion .. whatever that may be) and I would like to wish you all a happy, peaceful and joyous season ..

and also extend a big THANK YOU to all those that dropped past my blog over the year, left comments, emailed me and introduced me to other fabulous bloggers .. and it has been wonderful to make new friends through our classes and workshops this year.

This online world has been an amazing adventure .. I have learnt so much, discussed broadly, read and peeked into hundreds of interesting and inspiring blogs, made loads of new online friends .. had assumptions tested, broadened my view, found nourishment and much wisdom.

My tip for this season is to remember not to get too overwhelmed in all the festivities and partying .. it is easy for that to happen and then wake up the next morning and realise we missed out on the most important gift of all .. the most precious time of really connecting with family and others. In order to truly connect we do need to slow down a little.

I think this video holds an ideal Christmas message .. to honour our true nature (and that of others) .. this would be a wonderful gift for the world right now!

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