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Monday, 16 November 2009

Permission Slip

There are always things 'to do' .. stuff thats so important .. or seem more important ... than our simple practice of meditation. Yet if I was to offer you a free three hour spa treatment, I am sure you would make the time in your busy diary.

Just 15minutes a day ~ 1/100th of your day ~ to be still and silent .. to find yourself .. to settle body and mind .. to listen .. to find balance again in this tightrope world.

On Remembrance Day last week I was taking a meditation class, and when the clock moved to the 11th Hour we all stopped and were silent. The room took on a different energy and everyone seemed to easily slip into one minute of attentive silence.

One minute. Still. Watching the breath.

Maybe we need permission to take the time to be still? Maybe the fact that we were 'allowed' or 'expected' to be silent for one whole minute, made it easier?

Here is your permission slip!

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