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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Virtual reality for pain sufferers

Diane Gromala (second from left) leads a pain-management team.

Original article from the Vancouver Sun, by Kelly Sinoski "B.C. researchers develop virtual reality for pain sufferers"

Researchers at Simon Fraser University claim a virtual 'walk in the park' can assist people to manage chronic pain .. and (surprise surprise) with better results than traditional means ie. morphine.

I have found in meditation classes that many people find the 'safe place' technique a really easy one to understand .. closing our eyes and moving to that special corner of the universe that is unique to each of us. Often people know instantly .. what this place 'looks like' .. even if is not an actual place, or a mix or real and imagined. Visualisation meditation is an excellent tool for calming and settling us.

"In our scientific tests, it's proven to be better than opiates", Gromala said.

Wearing biofeedback devices, virtual-reality glasses and earphones; participants are able to feel as if they are walking into an interactive computer screen while a meditative voice guides them. "When they are approaching a meditative state, the sun sets and the world becomes quieter".

For the full article click here : VancouverSun

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