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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New Inspiring Location .. Sandringham

The Daytime Meditation Series

*NEW* The Sandringham Club
92 Beach Rd Sandringham

Wednesday's : 10am - 11am

* Starting 28th October *

Interested in learning about Meditation? Join us in the elegant and gracious dining room of The Sandringham Club to learn more about Meditation.. Wednesday mornings for six weeks. Three key themes will be covered (each over two weeks):

Let’s Meditate an introduction to what happens when we meditate, the 'nuts and bolts' and benefits, how to get started and an exploration of some simple techniques that focus on relaxing the body and calming the mind.

Just Breathe introduction to the foundation practice of Breath Meditation, a perfect starting point as the breath is always with us, is immediately available, is a completely natural process, and is an amazingly sensitive barometer for registering our reactions to life and events around us. We shall explore some shorter 'spot', and longer more traditional, breath meditations.

Mindfulness Practices are about attending to what is going on in the present moment .. moment after moment. Developing our ability to pay attention to our immediate experience enables us to become fully involved in the present moment .. so even the most mundane task can focus the mind and help us feel calm and centered. Did you know you could meditate with chocolate?

The Daytime series is $150 (or $135 each if you bring a friend)

Bookings are essential so please call Sarah on 0417 403 714 or email quietmind@dodo.com.au

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