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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Meditation in the media

A really interesting interview last week with Ian Galwer, on Compass (ABC TV), as part of a three-part series on prominent Australians and their views and ideas on 'a good life'. Ian is a very well known Australian cancer survivor, pioneer 'mind-body' healer, and leader in the therapeutic use of meditation and nutrition. I have attended a number of workshops conducted by Ian over the years and his story is fascinating and so encouraging to many. You can view the episode online, download it or read the transcript! Go to http://abc.gov.au/compass/video.htm

I love it when I just happen upon meditation in the mainstream media. Meditation has been around for millennia and there are so many interesting stories out there yet to be told or researched! So here is another amazing opportunity for those who know little about the wonders of meditation to find out from someone who is not only a cancer survivor, but also as a scientist (veterinarian) and healer who has worked with many others facing a major health crisis. Some key points from Ian...

"Nobody is seriously studying the longer term survivors (of cancer). And what a waste of money that is. Here's one of the greatest resources available to people who are freshly diagnosed with cancer is the people who actually manage to do well with it and are still alive, and nobody's studying them" .. and

"The tragedy is most people know what a healthy lifestyle is and so many people aren't actually following it... it's a matter of people trying to get clear on what they're really interest in .. and then if they do want to be healthy and well, thinking about what's actually the problem. What's the root problem and the root problem's the mind. It's our mental state and the emotional overload that's affecting the judgement in what we do in daily life".

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