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Thursday, 6 August 2009

It's much more fun to be happy!

Voltaire said .. 'the most important decision we make each day is to be in a good mood' ..

We should never forget the importance (and power) of embarking on our day from the best possible starting point.

There is much to unbalance and unsteady us in our busy and challenging lives .. so we gain a great advantage in achieving our goals if we move from a point of balance .. that deep and certain connection with ourselves, our dreams and our path.

Over the last few months this has become much clearer to me because I am in this amazing position of being able to 'reinvent' my daily life. Once (not long ago) it was high-heels, suit and madly racing out the door asap each morning .. now my day can be whatever I want it to be. I am the writer of my own story!

So I have tried a few different strategies of late. I want to make sure I plan the happiest, productive and inspirational day I can .. to get the best out of myself and give the best to myself. So I have a plan .. an evolving new morning 'ritual' .. for the life I want to lead ...

* On waking I now look across to my bedside table where I have placed a small, clear & colourful sign saying 'smile' .. this really works!

* I make sure I set the alarm to allow me at least one good solid seven minute snooze .. and I am allowing myself another push of the snooze button if I so desire. I would rather wake that little bit earlier and enjoy the luxury of just dozing and dreaming of my day ahead (putting my energy into planning the best day possible).

* My good friend the meditation cushion sits next to the bed, near the window, a cozy blanket nearby. My meditation is key to making sure I start the day with the right 'flavour'.

* (This is new) After school drop off I have a weekday date with the local gym .. rail, hail or shine .. a 30min training session which has proven to me that exercise can be fun, energising and easy to schedule into my day. And the greatest feeling is knowing I have done the best thing for my body/self .. I feel quite virtuous.

... THEN I am at my desk (latte in hand) and ready to get busy by around 9.30am!
On this new schedule I have found I am now ticking things off my tasks list so much quicker, not being held up with roadblocks or frustrations nearly as much, and when opportunity knocks to do something inspirational ... I can indulge.

Today my indulgence was to join a good friend for a 'life coaching/business supporting/ girlfriend honouring' discussion .. at one of our beautiful local cafe's by the beach.

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