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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Focus On : Yvonne Anderson, Safe Space Coaching

Lots of people meditate .. people from all walks of life, with unique journeys and inspiring stories. Each month I am going to 'tag' someone to share their thoughts and insights on meditation in this new 'Focus On' series. My first willing participant is:

Yvonne Anderson
Special Interest: Meditation and Pilates and Yoga
Email: yvonne@safespacecoaching.com.au
Website : www.safespacecoaching.com.au

Tell us about your Special Interest (ie. Meditation, yoga etc)
I practice mindfullness meditation, pilates (using therabands) and hatha yoga

How long have you been practicing? How did you start?I have been practising meditation for 10 years now. I began meditating when I was 20 years old when I came to Australia on a working holiday visa. It was here that I began reading more into meditation and found that it was a practical way to calm me as I was a very hyperactive person at the time. I have been practising yoga on and off for several years now. It was a very gentle way of incorporating more strength work into my fitness routine. Pilates is fairly new to me. I sustained a neck injury a few years back when I was a nurse. Pilates was recommended as a way of building up strength in my neck and back working on the muscles surrounding the injured area. I added in the theraband work about a year ago.

What is your usual practice – do you have a daily practice, weekly or other type?I like to meditate daily. I practice pilates three times a week and yoga once a week.

Has there been a particular technique(s) that you find have been most suitable for you?
Depending on my mood, my meditation can range from mindfullness to visual meditation. If I ever meditate at night, I will use a guided CD.

AM or PM? .. Chair, cushion, stool?
I usually meditate in the morning and again at lunch. I find the morning works well for me although I have meditated at night on occassion.Again depending on my mood or my energy levels, sometimes it is lying on my bed or couch and sometimes sitting in my chair at my desk.

Have you a dedicated space for your practice?I have created a sacred space in my bedroom. It is where I rest and there is no talk of business in there- ever. This has allowed me to view it as a place of relaxation,I have hung a crystal in there and have soft blankets and cushions to rest on.

How did you come to teach meditation?
I often used meditation techniques in my coaching practice but had no formal training. I thought it would be useful to learn more and enrolled on a teacher training course with the Melbourne Meditation Centre, which was a great course. As a result I run some evenings at Simply Silence in Elwood now and again and have more knowledge of meditation to practice with my clients.

Is teaching your main focus or do you work in other areas?
As I have mentioned above, I am a coach. I work with clients who are going through the relocation phase or one country or state to another. This can be a challenging time and I assist my clients to unlock their hidden talents, potential and purpose so they live their new life in a new place fully present.

Any favourite books/CDs/Resources that you might share with others?
“ Come on get Happy” by Jonathon Lazear- a great little book I dip in to time and again
“A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle- he has an insightful view on the world which I enjoy reading
a great site for spiritual and revolutionary thinking

What words of advice would you provide to those who are new to meditation?
The biggest takeaway for me on the course was that your mind will never be empty. There is nothing you need in meditation, you already have everything you need.

7 Random things about you?
*I love to look at flowers
*I enjoy cooking
*I want to travel more than anything
*My best friend is my husband
*My husband makes me laugh every day
*I love dancing around my house while cleaning
*I believe in the holistic human potential of each and every individual

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