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Friday, 9 January 2009

To an inspiring 2009!

Some ten years ago (at least) I purchased a little book of inspiration and wonder .. Living Juicy : Daily Morsels for your Creative Soul by SARK. That little book has been looked at, read and shared many times over the years :

"Living juicy is : Jumping for Joy on the inside! In the midst of our daily lives, we must find the Juice to nourish our creative souls.

If we rush around, never look closely or practice self denial, we will begin to feel dry and cracked, for the lack of sweet, wild moments that elevate us, and those around us. The name for this is LIVING JUICY"

I picked up my Living Juicy book last night. I revisited some of the pages and surprised myself when I happened to open the month of November which was themed Meditating ..

"someone said to me that meditation is really the art of being best friends with yourself. She said to me, 'think about it - how many times are you truly alone, and deeply communicating with yourself' .. Meditation is a power.full tool ...

For Christmas this year I bought myself a new SARK book Make Your Creative Dreams Real .. A plan for procrastinators, perfectionsists, busy people, and people who would really rather sleep all day" ..

I feel totally inspired by SARK and her beautiful view of the world. I now have her two books on my cabinet .. to remind me of my creative dreams for 2009 ..

"May all of our creative dreams heal and illuminate this dear world of ours" .. SARK

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