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Saturday, 17 January 2009

A Quiet Place

meditation T+HouseThis is my dream outdoor meditation space! I have held on to this very picture for a couple of years now .. this picture inspires me .. it used to live on my fridge .. l loved walking past and catching a glimpse and feeling 'yes .. that is beautiful' .. it would bring a smile to my face. There have been times when I have contemplated finding a local builder who could put something similar in my small green backyard ..

Recently the picture found me again. And I re-visited the T Houses website for another look .. again I relished the dream of having such a space to rest, retreat, refresh .. in nature .. in the breeze, the sun, the trees rustling around me .. ah maybe one day.

A simple house for meditation
a place for T
a place to entertain nature
a place to sleep in
to eat in
to drink chai
to work in
to play music
to practice yoga
to celebrate life
.. T Houses are inspired by meditation pavilions and the traditional Japanese tea house adapted for western needs. Originator, international artist-architect, Tony Gwilliam explains " For years I have contained a simple house, maybe a Taoist's home and many times I have sketched a simple structure- a space for conscious living. Whilst traveling in Bali I often found myself staying in simple pavilions amongst the rice fields. I felt happy there, protected from the sun and rain yet connected to the universe around me. Watching the moon, listening to the insects, feeling in touch with my essence. One day in 1996, this brilliant yet simple T house design came to me and the first T House was soon hand-crafted in Ojai, California, later to be followed by others back in Indonesia, its birthplace. Each is imbued with its own feeling of place ."

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