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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Exciting new first ~ Meditate08

I am really excited about the upcoming Meditate08 Conference.

From the moment I first heard about the concept and then seeing the program unfold I have been eagerly following the details! The meditation community in Melbourne is no doubt fairly diverse, and the community of meditation teachers seems quite small (but then quality over quantity, right?).

So the brilliant idea of bringing us all together, including some of the great teachers and great thinkers in the field of mind/body medicine is fantastic! Now the months have raced by and this unique first time meditation focused event is almost upon us.

When and Where? : The inaugural Australian Meditation Conference & Expo is being held at the Melbourne Museum on Sunday June 22, and will bring together (for the first time) many of Australia's leading meditation teachers... names such as Dr Ian Gawler, Eric Harrison, Pauline McKinnon and Swami Shankarananda. Also on the ticket will be some of Australia's finest performing artists in the field of contemplative/ intuitive music... Garth Stone and Jarek Czechowicz being two performers who have kindly presented at previous Simply Silence meetings.

The program is going to keep us all busy too.. with keynote addresses (there are 10), workshops (17 on the program) and four musical performances... plus a series of free public workshops are also on offer with a diverse and inspiring selection of themes, and a hall of exhibitors as well.

Sounds like a cool way to spend a winter Sunday and how special to have all these amazingly talented people sharing their meditation journey.

I have been advised that tickets are getting close to completely sold out ... so if you want to be inspired, informed or entertained (or just experience being part of such an amazing meditation community) then go to http://www.meditate08.com.au/ .. I might see you there!

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