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Friday, 16 May 2008

The Changing Seasons

“if nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies."
~author unknown

My life over the past month is probably fairly typical of today's busy modern world... we all share some of the same demands on our time, the juggling, the "busy-ness"... the family responsibilities, work commitments, household chores, studies, the ongoing list of 'to do's' and wistful 'would like to do's' .. finding time to time to eat properly, and sleep soundly.

The one life tool that I fully embrace and believe in is my meditation practice... I really love my morning meditation practice... I love the quietness around me, the sky just starting to lighten, the cool floor under my feet, the intense feeling of sacredness in the stillness before the sun rises.

But lately everything else in my life seems to be demanding my attention... and I never seem to have enough time! I find I am constantly pushing aside my practice in order to fit everything else in! And added to this I feel so lethargic in the morning... continually choosing the snooze button over the chance to sit..

Sound familiar?

Today I had some time alone and so I did a short meditation in my garden under the trees... looking up I noticed the leaves had started to fall ... and then I realised! ... In our modern world we simply move through our lives with little appreciation for nature’s cycles ... people don't even appreciate their own cycles, let alone the quietly ever changing seasonal, tidal, moon changes.. the equinoxes and solstices. Melbourne's daylight hours have changed, there is this new season upon us and I hadn't taken the time to notice its power over me.

Whereas a few months ago I was outside at 6am, refreshed and invigorated after my sun salutations and ready to sit and await the dawning sun… now I need to acknowledge the new season, change my view of my morning practice, and celebrate the coolness of autumn, the season of crisp, chilly mornings, the shortening of the day and lengthening of the shadows.

Deep down our body clock know that a change of season means a change in us too, and if we continue to ignore this we are sure to feel out of sync.. out of balance.

So I now understand my recent reluctance to emerge from the doona .. and the feeling of always needing more sleep.

To better embrace this new season I am now going to:
  • Make sure I have my two trusty alpaca blankets at the end of my bed at the ready
  • Set the timer on the room heater so there is a welcoming warmth for my practice, and later for the rising household.

The great thing about meditation is that each time you sit.. each time you practice... you have a chance to start anew. Each time is different... each practice is its own...

Perhaps now by making this conscious decision to celebrate and embrace the new season I can re-connect with my morning practice and 'go with the flow' rather than fight it.

It's time to start living the life you've imagined"
(Henry James)

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