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Monday, 3 March 2008

Simply Silence

Simply Silence is a not-for-profit meditation group that is currently running in two Melbourne locations – one in Elwood and one in North Melbourne (and one international location in Washington, DC). The approach is non-religious and non-denominational, and provides a wonderfully relaxed and informal group gathering to support your meditation practice.

The Elwood group started in July 2007 and meets for an hour on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. The venue is a wonderful space, partly because of the energy from being a community centre offering various practices including massage and yoga.... there are loads of cushions and blankets for those who want to sit on the floor or lie down... and enough chairs for those who cannot prefer to avoid the lotus position. Our room is upstairs so this means we can open the glass doors at both ends of the room, on those warm evenings, giving us a lovely cross breeze and sense of being up in the trees.

The group has grown regularly over the months so I now see many regular faces as well as a few new attendees each meeting. One of the unique and amazing offerings of Simply Silence is that a variety of different meditation teachers are brought in to take the meetings .. this provides everyone with the opportunity to enjoy the fresh approaches and wealth of experience that a range of different teachers can bring to meditation.

Over the hour we usually have two guided meditations and a short break in between, and over the last six months we have had the opportunity to embrace a laughing meditation (and yes we were all laughing to the point of crying), a walking meditation, the inspiring sound and vibrational meditation, and a slow moving meditation (mindfulness approach).. and these have been brought to us by a range of meditation teachers, as well as a psychologist, a music therapist, an ordained Buddhist nun, and a motivational/life coach.

The best way to find out when, where and who is to check out the new website
... you can also subscribe to the email reminder service that lets you know when the next session is scheduled.

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