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Monday, 3 December 2012

Our Summer Meditation E-Course

Start off 2013 with a new life skill .. Meditation!

Learn some practical, straightforward (and simple) meditative exercises and more traditional practices to bring greater peacefulness, ease and calmness into your life.


2013 Summer Meditation E-Course
This course will run for 31 days .. starting January 1st, 2013 and will provide you with instructions, tips, links, audio files and whatever other resource we can come up with to provide the MOTIVATION to start your very own meditation practice

.. all from the comfort of your home, office, holiday destination .. even the beach!

Here's some of what we will cover in the Summer Meditation E-Course:

  • the nuts & bolts of meditation: finding the right posture, preparing a meditation space, committing to sit and more on the 'how' and 'why'
  • understanding some of the key principles found in most meditation techniques and how to know if you are doing it right
  • exploring a range of different meditation practices so that you can find the best practice for you! .. mindulness of body and breath, mantra, meditative exercises and movement practices
  • integrating mindfulness and meditation into your daily life (today and forever)
  • weekly or daily email lessons (your choice)
Learning how to meditate with this E-Course is great if you:
  • Want to try meditation in the comfort of your own home
  • Can't make it to a class .. or dislike group classes in anything!
  • Want a little taste before committing to a longer course
  • Have holidays coming up and some time to get to those things 'you have been meaning to do .. forever'
  • You know it is time to find some tools to manage your stress .. before 2013 really starts
  • Your ready .. and it's about time!
Summer Meditation E-Course : Only $31
Receive a daily or weekly email with a range of tools and informtaion to inform your own personal meditation practice.  Built around our popular Exploring Meditation Course (which has been running real-life classes for more than four years)with additional tips, articles and insights from my own 20+years of meditation practice.

Thats just $1 a day!
Starting Point:
In meditation I refer to the time we allow ourselves to get ready as 'the grace period'.  We take our seat and we allow ourselves a little time to fidget, think, scratch or wriggle .. we are making our way to the starting line, but there is no rush we have plenty of time.

Similarly in our E-Course a few days after Christmas we will send you a little pack of meditative goodies to get you started .. some tips to start the ball rolling and get you 'in the mood' .. we will read about Inspiring People Who Meditate and Why and find out What The Brain Does in Meditation .. and meet Sarah who will be guiding you through the whole month of January 2013.


So let's get started.

See you in January!


Use our PayPal link below or email me directly to secure your registration : sarah@quietmind.com.au 

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